Out of the ashes of the pandemic, rose a Phoenix

No matter where in the world you are, if you are a trader selling a product, or a professional selling a service or even an artist or musician selling your creativity, we are here to help you stay positive, stay relevant, survive and thrive.

Our PURPOSE is to breed positivity and help you find new and creative ways to stay positive, stay relevant, survive and thrive.


Our VISION is to ensure that we as businesses, all over the world, the engines of the economy, continue to build, grow and soar, creating a better world for all.


Our MISSION is to breed positivity, inspire, motivate and develop businesses through creative content, expertise and knowledge sharing.

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Daily Business Tip
Daily Business Tip
Helping you. Help your business
Stay Relevant, Survive & Thrive
Our Daily Positivity Tips
Positivity Influences
Leading in Uncertainty
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Finance Matters
By Iqbal Thokan Knowing what the numbers are, is good. Knowing how to understand them...
Wisdom of Insight
By Iqbal Thokan Gain insight into the strategic variables of your business and gain the...
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