Breeding Positivity Foundation

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Breeding Positivity Foundation

Throughout this pandemic many of us have suffered but none more, than the less privileged and destitute who have not only lost jobs but have been left hungry and powerless in many countries around the world.

Our foundation is aimed at feeding the less privileged and destitute as well as for providing for unemployment empowerment initiatives.

Our initial focus is on feeding initiatives in Africa, particularly in South Africa and then broadening our horizons to other countries in the world.

Rather than duplicate the amazing work being done, our fund works with organisations already on the ground in a supportive and collaborative manner.

We are firm believers in empowerment and rather than continuously provide feeding programs we empower people to be able to develop and sustain themselves. Our funding is also focused on empowering unemployed individuals to be able to start-up their own businesses as well as provide them with the necessary skills and tools to be sustainable and successful. Entrepreneurs are the key to the growth of employment initiatives and to the micro economy.

Our focus is on women and youth and individuals who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds who are truly in need of our support.

Please donate generously to our fund so that we can support and empower people to keep them in a positive, inspired and motivated mindset so that they can become self-sustainable making it a better world for all.

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