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Helping You. Help Your Business
Stay Relevant, Survive & Thrive

No matter where in the world you are, if you are a trader selling a product, or a professional selling a service or even an artist or musician selling your creativity, we are here to help you stay positive, stay relevant, survive and thrive.


Our PURPOSE is to breed positivity and help you find new and creative ways to stay positive, stay relevant, survive and thrive.


Our VISION is to ensure that we as businesses, all over the world, the engines of the economy, continue to build, grow and soar, creating a better world for all.


Our MISSION is to breed positivity, inspire, motivate and develop businesses through creative content, expertise and knowledge sharing.

What drives us
Our Core Values

Our values are what drives our purpose, mission and vision. Our values guide and help us make sound decisions that in turn help you, help your business stay relevant, survive and thrive.



We endeavour to ensure that no matter our engagement, we will always leave you feeling positive, inspired and motivated.



We are committed to the highest level of integrity by always being respectful, honest and trustworthy to your needs and honouring our commitment to you.



We are consistent in ensuring that you have the best and most suitable outcome for your business.



We are passionate about ensuring your success.



We ensure that all your information and any discussion about your business remain unconditionally confidential.



We strive to ensure that we go beyond excellence in everything we do.



We believe that good relationships are the core for any synergy and success, therefore we aim to foster good and strong relationships with you.



We exhibit an enthusiastic spirit which drives our behaviour to ensure your success.

Breeding Positivity
Our Brand
The Blue

represents calm and serenity – Through our positive interaction with you, we will bring calmness to your mind so that you can make the best positive decision for your business.

The Pink

represents friendship, harmony, inner peace and approachability – No matter who you are, or what your business, you can approach us and find friendship.

The Yellow

represents communication and happiness – No matter where you are, we will always strive to be available and open in our communication with you.

The Red

represents determination and passion – We are determined and passionate about ensuring your success.

The Orange

represents creativity and determination – We will always be determined to find the most unique and creative solutions for you.

The Green

represents energy and renewal – We will always be energetic in helping you stay relevant, survive and thrive.

Your Positivity Breeder
Iqbal Thokan

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all in a positive mindset, healthy and safe.

I am from Johannesburg, South Africa, and over the last ten years I have worked with over 450 start-ups; many various sized established businesses, in various sectors, assisting them with growth strategies as well some very awesome and exciting implementations that have helped them to stay relevant, survive and thrive.

I am what some might call a business management consultant, but that’s a rather huge title and I prefer the term positivity breeder. Cause that’s what I do, I breed positivity and hope, and of course using certain business management principles and tools I help businesses stay relevant, survive and thrive. Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to some of these principles and tools through our daily business tips.

COVID19 came like a tsunami and hit us all, no matter how big or small. Our countries went into crisis mode and our governments put in place measures to help save lives, our lives. In South Africa, we have been in a phased lockdown since March 2020 which has affected many of our businesses.

It has been tough for all us, and like everyone out there, I have been impacted, and my first emotional reaction was of shock and denial. I then felt anger and frustration, but being the positive person I am, I soon got over it and started to accept the new now, whatever that is.

I have always had the affinity to help those in need, and during the lockdown period I realised the major impact that COVID19 has had on all businesses, especially the small and medium ones. It has impacted us in many different ways,

but the one worrisome factor is the number of jobs that have been and will be lost and the impact that this will have on all of us especially in our businesses. As we know, a customer without any income is a customer that is challenging to service.

So I sat there asking myself, how do I make a difference; I wrote down many ideas, did a couple of webinars and as I started looking at what was happening around the world I realised that there was just too much negativity and that positivity is what is needed most; with a business twist of course. Thus, like a phoenix, out of the ashes of the pandemic rose breedingpositivity.com. A bit cliché, I know, but maybe this is just what we all need, a reminder and a reset of our mindset.

I look forward to engaging with you, and finding out how we can help you, help your business, stay relevant, survive and thrive.

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